i do hate me a bully

Finally saw that Keaton Jones bullying video that celebs and athletes are falling all over themselves about. And they’re right to. That thing is a heartbreak. His racist, opportunist mom aside, this kid reflects genuine agony, and you want so much to march into his school and beat up the young losers who are messing with him.
So much for my own charity here, huh? For bullies, I have none.
I cannot stand a bully. I cannot stand, even less, a bully’s parents — which now, ironically, it seems this kid’s own mom might be. Cuz guess what? The apple. The tree. Rot has a tendency to grow rotten, if someone doesn’t stop the cycle.
News flash: I’ve always been a weirdo, a stone-cold oddity. Not surprisingly, I was also bullied as a kid, offsetting some of it by being a clown, but not all of it. That is, right up until I discovered a weight set around puberty, and then all of the bullies miraculously just vanished; no one messed with me anymore, or if they did, they backed down soon after. I was like a little strutting chicken hawk at that point, with raging anger issues, too-tight T-shirts and outsized pecs. Nobody messed with me.
It was liberating. But it shouldn’t have had to have been.

The explosion of cyber-bullying via social media means there are even fewer places to hide from such insipid abuse; reaching out and touching someone online can just as well mean belittling them from afar.

A few muscles certainly don’t do anything to change that mix.

And make no mistake, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse, are just bullying ran rampant, too often in a goddamn suit and tie.

When bullies get their way, they grow up just the same, without regard for others. And in the wrong time, in the wrong climate, they become Southern senators, and even worse, U.S. presidents.

We live now in a bully culture, and the sooner that lot, and that scapegoat mentality, gets knocked off at the knees, the taller this country might stand again.

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