they never really talked about this in bible school

So the vapid, venal clown in the phallic ties who’s been blindly entrusted with the fate of our country has finally given the fundamentalist (and, based on other recent events, apparently, pedophiliac) faction of his base the hard-on its been aching for for years, in its until-now wetless dreams of the Second Coming.
I’m not really going for clever here, by the way. The sad fact is, when religion and sexual repression become entangled in the real world, the result is a lot more than some campy 1980s Madonna video with crosses and corsets and whatnot.

It’s one thing when this not-so-strange-bedfellows alliance flares up as some holy-roller Congressman in an airport bathroom stall getting caught foot-calling out his hypocritical sexual urges. That’s just pitiable, and pathetic.

This is a long ways from that. Because in this particular case, the upshot — the international upshot — is really not so far removed from all that evangelical End Times talk: the immediate cessation of any chance of Jewish-Palestinian peace talks, a straining of Arab relations across a region with barely subsumed nuclear aspirations, and an assured boon for recruitment in anti-U.S. terrorism circles.

 And what, all because the needy orange dunderhead wearing White House-crested golf shoes didn’t get hugged enough as a child?
America. Holy fuck. Good luck to us all.

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