slumping toward the emotional drain

So the Affordable Care Act is back in the crosshairs, this time reportedly at the end of a very loaded gun – and all because a small vocal contingent of the Republican base keeps vomiting into gerrymandered Congressional ears in total willful ignorance of the dire consequences of ACA repeal. Meanwhile every left-leaning organization that’s managed to snag my email address from online petitions or via other bleeding-heart organizations is now sending me almost hourly requests for between $1-$5 so I can entrust them to stop this blatant assault on decency, in ways never remotely explained.
And this all has me a little distraught, folks. Bleah.
It was in this frame of mind that I called the offices of my two state senators a short time ago, to register my displeasure with this travesty of would-be lawmaking. I started with Burr, and I left a mildly reasonable message, waning a little there at the close, slumping toward the emotional drain. Then I called that damn Thom Tillis; I do hate me some Thom Tillis. I know very clearly how the self-congratulatory hack is gonna vote, on pretty much everything, and I dunna like it, not one bit. So I just went right off the rails at the outset. Try not sell out your own constituency for a few votes, blah, blah, blah. But you will, of course; you’re gonna do the wrong thing, blah, blah, blah.
I did not, in my defense, call him a fucktard.
In both cases, practically speaking, I accomplished nothing; these guys are votes in the bag to kill the ACA. But at least with Tillis, it was mildly therapeutic. I really only regret not calling that fucktard a fucktard …

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