how many times can the world’s broken heart explode?

Another outrageous act of terror, this time on foreign soil, in a lovely city of lovely people, a place I have always been so happy to have visited, in what now seems another lifetime ago. So in my trying to make sense of this new stupid waste of human life, I do not mean to diminish the heinous Barcelona event in any way by asking what keeps flaring in my mind:

Other than in the number of victims, how is this that much different than what we saw on our own soil, in Charlottesville, a few days ago?

Because what are we talking about here, in both cases? A violent ideology whitewashed in religion-stained notions of purity, that puts no value on human life other than of its own adherents, and that indiscriminately murders and maims others in its vast pool of perceived enemies, out of some perverted sense of moral high ground. And all of this in an attempt to somehow advance its own twisted beliefs.

I do not even have the strength left to directly malign our imbecile president for his active role in our own putrid flowering of tribalist inhumanity. Bur rest assured, that indictment is thoroughly implied.

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