29 – the world calling

1. <phone ringing>
2. “Uh, hello?” | Frankers
3. “I have one other tape of different sounds that I’d like to play for you.” | Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood/Fred Rogers in the title role
4. Laga Reh | Shehzad Roy (Pakistan)
     “Para reh, para reh, tu para reh?” (As in: Fuck you, defeatest.)
5. “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” | The Wizard of Oz/Judy Garland as “Dorothy”
6. Akanaki Nokunaka | Juluka (South Africa)
     “Saswela amandla ngalelolanga!” (Powerlessness described by powerful music.)
7. Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain | Ladysmith Black Mambazo (South Africa)
     “Oh, come! Never come!”
8. Scatterlings of Africa | Juluka (South Africa)
     “Magic machine cannot match human being, human being.”
9. Candela | Buena Vista Social Club, featuring Ibrahim Ferrer (Cuba)
     “Tambien volvio a descansar y el gato en su buen bailar …” (In Cuba, apparently even the cats dance!)
10. Down Under | Men at Work (Australia)
       “I said, ‘Do you speak-a my language?’ He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.” (Plus, goddamn, even after all these years, it’s just fun.)
11. King of the Mountain | Midnight Oil (Australia)
       “Blacksmith fires up the bellows; cane cutters burning the load. Workers of the world, run to the top of the mountain!”
12. San Jacinto | Peter Gabriel (England, but worldy music as all hell)
       “Past Geronimo’s Disco, Sittin’ Bull Steakhouse, white men dream.”
13. Generation Hand Down | Jerry Alfred & The Medicine Beat (Canada, Selkirk tribe)
       “These were values your great forefathers had lived by, and you should carry those out in the future.”
14. Sygyt | Huun-Huur-Tu (Mongolia)
       (Tuvan throat singing. So wow, so weird.)
15. Tsy Kivy (Don’t Be Discouraged) | Tarika (Madagascar)
       (Damn, is that ever some good happy right there!)
16. Bamboleo | Gipsy Kings (France, though sung in Andalusian Spanish)
       “Este amor llega asi esta manera, no tiene la culpa!” (It ain’t love’s fault, yo.)
17. Rokia Traoré  |Tounka (Mali)
       (Start off recalling a young Joni Mitchell, in any language, and you have my ears in the palm of your hand.)
18. Arahaba Ririnna | Tarika Sammy (Madagascar)
 (That soprano voice melts me, every time.)
19. Kapten Kapsyl (Captain Bottlecap) | Väsen (Sweden)
       (Oh, glorious, happy beat, riding an Irish-style fiddle that’ll sweep your ass skyward, kicking it every inch of the way!)
20. Hope | Mirabal (Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A.; Pueblo Native American)
       “Them Seminole shaking shells on Creek dance grounds …”
21. Iron Man | Mighty Zandolie (Trinidad and Tobago)
       “Before I could put on me clothes, all me iron exposed!” (Ah, dirty-old-man caiso!)
22. “No more shenanigans. No more tomfoolery. No more ballyhoo.” | Good Will Hunting
23. Some Say the Divil Is Dead | The Wolfe Tones (Ireland)
“More say he rose again! More say he rose again! And joined the British Army!”
24. Finnegan’s Wake | The Dubliners (Ireland)
       “To send him on his way each day, he had a drop of the craythur ev’ry morn!”
        “A civil war did then engage, was woman to woman and man to man, sheleighly was all the rage, and a row and a ruction soon began.”
         “Oh, bedad he revived ‘im, see how he rises, Tim Finnegan risin’ in the bed, sayin’, ‘Twiddle your whiskey ’round like blazes, be da t’underin’ Jaysus, didja ye think I was dead?'”
25. Raising Arizona outro | Carter Burwell (U.S.A.)
       (Because the bestest things oughta wrap up with a bit of yodeling.)

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