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FrankenMixes: The Never, Ever Ask Series
(Hooray, the sun’s up! The dark night of the soul is over! Oh, wait, no. See you in hell!)

1.  “Thank you for coming! I’ll see you in hell!” | The Simpsons/”Apu Nahasapeemapetilon,” voiced by Hank Azaria
2. Prelude / The Sighing Hour Tree
     “Rise and shine!”
     “Satan sent his only spawn to scrape the meat off our pelts and bones.”
     “I swear to God, no matter how this ends, we’ll meet again …”
3. “You like surprises?” “Well, I’m always open to new experiences.” | Burn After Reading/George Clooney and Frances McDormand
4. Tropic of Capricorn
     “Living on pralines, healing waters and lies.”
      “How long? How long? From newborn to well-worn? From the top of the Matterhorn to the Tropic of Capricorn?”
5. “Watch out for snakes!” | Unknown
6. “Call me ‘Snake.'” | Escape From New York/Kurt Russell as “Snake Plissken”
7. Pink Lemonade
    “How so wheeloffortillian. How so murdockandface. How so preliveaidilian can anyone be and expect to get laid?
“Lay down with me, within sight of the ocean, on a blanket of mango leaves …”

8. “She’s a little idiot, but look at those tits!” | Unknown
9. “All right, sir.” | Unknown
10. “All right.” | Unknown
11. “All right, then.” | Sling Blade/Billy Bob Thornton as “Karl Childers”
12. Georgia
       “I’ll sing a love song to Georgia, to one drunk and innocent year.”
13. “You don’t hear the word ‘no’ very often, do you?””I hear it all the time, only it’s more like, ‘No, please, no, no!'” | Analyze This, including Robert De Niro as “Paul Vitti”
14. Friday Afternoon
       “Have I given up too soon? Don’t tell me.”
15. “We fear change.” | Wayne’s World/Dana Carvey as “Garth Algar”
16. Don’t Save Me
       “I bathe myself in ashes and I clothe myself in clay. I mutter incantations over altars I have made. My fortune never ever changes.”
17. “We’re going in!” | Unknown
18. “That’s my pleasure!” | Unknown
19. Petey Groove | unknown soundtrack
20. Swallowed by the Night
       “She mainly smells of patchouli and leather and sweat, and I’m losing my mind.”
21. “It wasn’t my fault!” | The Blues Brothers/John Belushi as “‘Joliet’ Jake Blues”
22. You Let Me Down
       “What do we do now?”
23. “What is the matter with you?” | All in the Family/Carroll O’Connor as “Archie Bunker”
24. “You rat-soup-eatin’ honky motherfucker!” | Dolemite/Rudy Ray Moore in the title role
25. Unwanted
        “My life: Lust and mischief and shame …”
        “There’s mysterious lights in the sky along the county line, where you and I threw bottles at signs, and scoffed at time, hard-bodied, nude, sardonic, entwined, unwanted …”
26. “Frankly, son, you frighten me.” | Bud Light commercial/Charlton Heston
27. Outsider
       “I’ll always be the new guy. I’ll always be the last of the fools in line. I’m evening as the crow flies. I’m twilight as the last of the scarecrows cry, ‘Outsider! You’re on your own.”
28. “I’m a disgrace to my family; my father will turn in his grave!” “Your father is alive!” “This will kill him!” | A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
29. Coming Home a Hero
       “When my money’s all gone, hell, I won’t even care.”
30. “Is it hot in here, or am I sweatin’?” | Space Ghost Coast to Coast/”Brak,” voiced by Andy Merrill
31. Their Other Eight Lives
        “They need to see the ocean. They need to be bedazzled by sound and lights. They need to hear the echoes of lovers from their other eight lives.”
32. “All skeletons are against me! They always have been!” | The Lost Skeleton of Cadavara
33. “The important thing is to keep that smile on your face, even though you’re drowning.” | Sunshine State/Edie Falco as “Marly Temple”
34. A Little Me Time (Taking the Backroads Home)
       “No one bothered asking me, y’know, I’m not OK.”
35. “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart! You broke my heart!” | The Godfather/Al Pacino as “Michael Corleone”
36. “I’m sorry!” | Pee-wee’s Playhouse/Paul Reubens as “Pee-wee Herman”
37. Another Maybe Someday
       “It’s hard to lie about the vodka. Someday I’ll learn to hide the phone.”
38. “Come up sometime.” | She Done Him Wrong/Mae West
39. “Come up.” | She Done Him Wrong/Mae West
40. The Upper Room
       “Praying hands. Funeral-parlor fans. I lie down beside still waters in the valley of the shadow of an.”
41. “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams. ” | Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory/Gene Wilder as “Willy Wonka”
42. “Oh, baloney, the whole thing always gets back to drugs.” | Unknown
43. Dreamland
       “The votives weep in puddles on the floor …”
44. “No, don’t! You’re so ugly when you cry!” | Archer/”Archer,” voiced by H. Jon Benjamin
45. One Final Tear
       “It’s not about my age. I’m not a slave to time. This body’s not a cage. I’m not afraid to die. But I’d trade a thousand years if you’d waste one lousy tear …”

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