2 – soul creeps

FrankenMixes: The Never, Ever Ask Series
(More! More! More!)

1. “Mine! Mine! Mine!” | Finding Nemo
2. The Usual Trees | The Floating Men
     “I’m not a loser! I’m not such a loser anymore.”
3. “You dick!” | Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Sean Penn as “Jeff Spicolo”
4. Twilight Creeps | Crooked Fingers
      “When the sun is done and evening comes, the thieves will run to steal your pretty withering love.”
5. Creeps Like Me | Lyle Lovett
      “You look surprised. You shouldn’t be.”
6. “Hey, c’mere! I got something good for ya!” | Beetlejuice/Michael Keaton in the title role
7. Astronomy | Jethro Tull
     “I slip the shadows, cut the rope, stand naked with the telescope.”
     “Gonna be a big-sky night.”
8. “Let’s assume you are a dishonest man.” “Assume away.” | The Producers (film version), with Gene Wilder as “Leo Bloom” and Zero Mostel as “Max Bialystock”
9. Mr. Bad Example | Warren Zevon
     “I started as an altar boy …”
10 . “I think you’ll find this a bit more interesting.” | Monty Python’s Flying Circus
11. “Well, glaze my nipples and call me Rita!” | Blackadder
12. Bimbo in the Limo | The Uncle Devil Show (with Justin Currie)
       “I’ve got Sabbath on the stereo and smut on the TV.”
13. “Who the hell do you think you are?” | Family Guy/”Stewie”
14. Tiger Woods | Dan Bern
        “Muhammad Ali said that.”
15. “You’re just hurting yourself with this rambunctious behavior.” | Raising Arizona
16. “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” | Animal House
17. “My mistake!” | Pee-wee’s Playhouse/Paul Reubens as “Pee-wee Herman”
18. Beer Deli Ice Diesel | The Floating Men
       “Western man’s dramatic fall can wait.”
        “What more can a fat boy need?”
19. “You bloody fool! You should never mix your drinks!” | Withnail and I/Paul McGann as “I”
20 . Gin and Juice | The Gourds (song by Snoop Dogg)
         “Ya gotta get your’n before I get mine.”
21. “We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here, and we want them now.” | WIthnail and I/Richard Grant as “Withnail”
22. Chinese Poem Song (Jack Kerouac poem) | Warren Zevon and Michael Wolff
       “I, a poet, suffer even for bugs I find dying on the street.”
23. “Well, sir, I’ll drink to that.” | Lover Come Back
24. All the Wine | The National
       “I’m a festival.”
       “Big wet bottle in my fist. Big wet rose in my teeth.”
25. “Why is the rum always gone?” | POTC : Dead Man’s Chest/Johnny Depp as “Captain Jack Sparrow”
26. “I demand to have some booze!” | Withnail and I/Richard Grant as “Withnail”
27. Sorry You’re Sick | Ted Hawkins
       “Something sour, something sweet?”
28. “Turn on, tune in and drop out.” | Timothy Leary
29. “Do you take drugs, Danny?” | Caddyshack/Chevy Chase as “Ty Webb”
30. Oxycontin Blues | Steve Earle
       “Gonna go and pawn Grandma’s locket. Hell, maybe it’ll change my luck.”
31. “I’m not here for cigarettes or bubblegum, my boy.” | The Last Starfighter
32. Jane Says | Jane’s Addiction
       “I’m gonna kick tomorrow.”
33. “Bad dog.” | Doctor Who
34. Maga Dog | Peter Tosh
       “Sorry, fi Maga Dog; him turn around, bite you.”
35. “You imbecile! You bloated idiot!” | The Maltese Falcon/Peter Lorre as “Joel Cairo”
36. Stood Up | Todd Rundgren
       “When they asked us who will lead, I thought it surely must be me.”
37. “What would you do with a brain if you had one?” | The Wizard of Oz/Judy Garland as “Dorothy”
38. “Son, you got a panty on your head.” | Raising Arizona
39. The Obscenity Prayer | Rodney Crowell
        “Give to me my Aspen winter. Sorry ’bout the World Trade Center.”
40. “There goes the meanest man that ever took a breath of life.” | To Kill a Mockingbird/”Scout”
41. “No more fucking ABBA!” | Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
42. Christmas in Cape Town | Randy Newman
       “Go back to your own miserable country.”
43. “There’s not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo that.” | Archer/”Archer,” voiced by H. Jon Benjamin
44. The Great Song of Indifference | Bob Geldof
       “I don’t care if the Third World fries. It’s hotter there; I’m not surprised.”

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