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FrankenMixes: The Never, Ever Ask Series
(As in never ask a lifelong music obsessive for, say, 25 selections off his iPod. Because you may just get them. For 25+ CDs. With roughly 40 tracks on each. Ouch!)

1. “I know when there is a trouble and when there is not a trouble, and I can definitely tell you that there is a trouble, you may rest assured of that.” | The Return of the Pink Panther/Peter Sellers as “Inspector Jacques Clouseau”
2. Help! | The Beatles
     “Won’t you please?”
3. “You’re messin’ with my Zen-thing, man.” | Tron/Jeff Bridges
4. Run Straight Down | Warren Zevon
      “Started thinking about entropy …”
      “I’d rather see it on the news at 11. Sit back, and watch it run straight down.”
5. “I think we’re getting into a weird area here.” | Tootsie/Bill Murray as “Jeff Slater”
6. Suit of Lights | Elvis Costello
      “It’s the force of habit: If it moves, then you fuck it; if it doesn’t move, you stab it.”
7. “We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell.” | Withnail and I/Paul McGann as “I”
8. My Shit’s Fucked Up | Warren Zevon
     “The shit that used to work, it won’t work now.”
9. “Don’t move! You’re surrounded by armed bastards!” | Life on Mars
10. Six O’Clock News | Kathleen Edwards
        “I know your mama calls you good-for-nothin’. She says her baby is a failer, and she don’t want you callin’.”
11. “Oh, you’re always complaining!” | Monty Python’s Flying Circus
12. Not Miserable | Frightened Rabbit
        “I am free from disease, no greys, no liver-spots.”
13. “Unexpected, this is.” | Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
14. Plea From a Cat Named Virtute | The Weakerthans
       “These bitter songs you sing, they’re not helping anything.”
15. “Bad kitty!” | Johnny Bravo
16. Me & Albert | Peter Mulvey
       “Watch the shadows all go soft.”
17. “Have you lost your kitty?” | Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood/Fred Rogers
18. Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure | The Weakerthans
       “It had something to do with the rain leaching loamy dirt, and the way the back lane came alive …”
19. “Alcohol is bad.” | South Park
20. “There’s always time for a drink.” | Withnail and I/Richard Grant as “Withnail”
21. “Get me a bromide, and put some gin in it!” | The Women
22. Detox Mansion | Warren Zevon
        “It’s tough to be somebody.”
23. “How much longer are we supposed to wait here?” | Crusade
24. Waitin’ on a Train | The Bottle Rockets
       “Like me he’s moving slow, but he’s got two things on me, y’know: diesel power, and he feels no pain.”
25. “You remind me of my father. I hated my father.” | The Dark Knight/Heath Ledger as “The Joker”
26. Next of Kin | Tom Kimmel
       “A song can’t be a next of kin.”
27. “Let’s face it: This is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” | Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. in the title role
28. Song for a Deck Hand’s Daughter | James McMurtry
       “Your mama called him daddy, she never told  him no.”
29. “In every man’s life there are pinpoints of time that govern his destiny.” | Knock on Any Door/Bogie as “Andrew Morton”
30. How to Make Gravy | Paul Kelly
       “Don’t forget a dollop of tomato sauce, for sweetness and that extra tang.”
31. “I don’t want to sell anything …” | Say Anything/John Cusack as “Lloyd Dobler”
32. Relative Surplus Value | The Weakerthans
       “You won’t be laughing when you hear how this one ends.”
33. “Sometimes you eat the bahr, and sometimes the bahr eats you.” | The Big Lebowski/Sam Elliott as “The Stranger”
34. Numb as a Statue | Warren Zevon
      “Get here before I fall asleep.”
      “Can I get a witness?”
35. “That’s some cold shit, throwing my man Leroy out the window. Just picked my man up and threw him out the goddamn window.” | Shaft
36. Mind the Noose and Fare Thee Well | Stew
        “Have you any hope to sell?”
37. “You need to get yourself a better dictionary. When you do, look up ‘genocide.’ You’ll see a little picture of me there, and the caption’ll read, ‘Over my dead body!'” | Doctor Who/David Tennant as “The Doctor”
38. Get It All Right and Still Die | The Floating Men
        “You can die nude astride my jeweled-horn unicorn Clyde.”
39. “He might be OK.” | Groundhog Day/Chris Elliott as “Larry”
40. People Who Died | Jim Carroll Band
        “This song is for you, my brother.”
41. “That about sums it up for me.” | Groundhog Day
42. Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (and Faraway From Home) | Peter Mulvey
       “I am the happiest fucker alive.”
43. “What absolute twaddle.” | Withnail and I/Richard Grant as “Withnail”

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